Aptel Research has a partnership with Patient Power, a patient education organization for people living with cancer and their loved ones. Through this partnership, Aptel Research and Patient Power conduct research with cancer patients in order to help healthcare companies better support and understand cancer patients and their changing “journey” today. This comes at a time when breakthrough therapies are being approved at increasing speed, more clinical trials are underway, and cancer patients in many conditions are living longer, and better.

Patient Power Logo

Patient Power is a patient education organization dedicated to connecting you to the knowledge of a community of cancer experts to empower you–or a loved one–to live well with cancer. From cutting-edge research and treatment news to coping with cancer in your everyday life, our community-based health centers cover the topics most important to you.  Through our video interviews, in-person events and online features, we provide you with the tools and resources you need to better manage your cancer and live with hope. Patient Power is on the forefront of developing research and we bring you treatment news as it happens through interviews with the top researchers at medical conferences. Also, you’ll learn from patients like you as they share their stories, insights and inspirational tips for coping with cancer.