The Patients Voices ™ Patient Journey RA’s goals are to provide insights on the journey of patients with moderate to severe RA, overall and to analyze differences in specific patient groups including those who specifically request their current biologic and those who have been on 3+ biologics.  The analysis is based on a mix of qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys and analysis of patient social media to create a nuanced understanding of patients’ experiences, as well as brand attitudes and unmet needs.

  • 6 in-depth phone interviews of patients with moderate to severe RA to inform the quantitative survey
  • 30-minute self-administered on-line quantitative survey with 196 patients with moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fieldwork conducted in November, 2013. 
    • Patients under the care of a rheumatologist and currently on a biologic (and have been on at least 1 biologic prior to their current treatment):  TNF: 67% (Humira: 32%, Enbrel: 21%, Remicade:11%, Cimzia: 3%; Simponi: 1%) Non-TNF: 33% (Orencia: 16%, Actemra: 8%, Rituxitan:6%; Xeljanz: 2%, Kineret:2%)
  • Social media analysis of peer conversations (from August-December 2013)
  • Patient Journey: Patient attitudes towards RA and emotional support; emotional journey (feelings when 1st diagnosis, when current biologic initiated; when bad day; when good day)
  • Emotional Attachment to Treatment 
  • Impact of RA: Current RA status and perception of disease vs a year agomost problematic symptoms and overall impact of MS (physical, work/finance, psychological/emotional, family dynamics, social/leisure)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment History: Most common symptoms at diagnosis; average time from symptoms to diagnosis and to 1st biologic initiation; time on current biologic; current and previous DMDs
  • Treatment Expectations and Satisfaction: Most liked and disliked characteristics; expectations and performance; satisfactions versus current DMD and support services
  • Patient Portrait: Patients who requested their current biologic

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