Aptel Research is a strategic specialty marketing research and consulting company, which specializes in the life sciences industry. We are dedicated to providing our clients with business-relevant insights that reflect the complexity of the healthcare market, and to helping healthcare companies integrate the patient and physician experience/perspective with their science to create patient-centric strategies and tactics for their brands.

We offer Customized Services based on your individual objectives, to provide clear and strategic insights that ensure you achieve your business goals.

"In-depth scientific and business expertise with excellent time and cost management."

− A Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical Company

"Outstanding work and impeccable attention to details."

− A Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company

"Great level of strategic thinking from project concept through final deliverable together with excellent customer service."

− A Mid-Size Global Biotech Company

"Superb implementation and analysis with physicians and patients across the United States and Europe."

− A Mid-Size United States Company

"Great senior moderators who always understand my objectives and and know how and when to probe to get more meaningful insights."

− A Mid-Size Biotech Company