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Aptel Research, a specialty marketing research and consulting company that provides actionable strategic insights to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, released its newest report Patient Voices SeriesRheumatoid Arthritis (US).  This report provides rich insights into the emotional and rational factors that impact the patient journey for people living with moderate-severe RA. The report captures the various aspects of the patient journey from symptoms to diagnosis to treatment. It sheds light on a variety of issues including how patients feel when diagnosed, how RA impacts their life, what are the unique characteristics of patients who request their biologic therapy, the mindset of patients who have been on 3+ prior biologics, and more.

“In a healthcare environment where patients have increasing influence and power over prescribing choices, it is more important than ever before to understand how your patients think and feel.” said Aptel Research CEO Michele Derai. “The Patient Voices Syndicated Report Series serve the product life-cycle needs of our clients by allowing them to differentiate their products to best match patients’ lives and mindsets at any point in their journey. The insights provided by the Patient Voices Syndicated Report Series enable our clients to develop patient centric communication strategies.

The Patient Voices Series™ offers syndicated reports, which provide in-depth understanding of  patients’ journeys through specific chronic diseases in specialty markets. The reports employ a mix of qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and an analysis of patient social media to create a nuanced understanding of patients’ experiences, as well as brand attitudes and unmet needs. Aptel Research released the Patient Voices Series™ Multiple Sclerosis in the Fall of 2013, and plans to release reports in global markets and additional disease areas such as Prostate Cancer in 2014.

With decades of experience, in-depth business and scientific expertise and a global network, Aptel Research offers customized strategic market research from market assessment to branding strategy with key target audiences, including key opinion leaders.


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